Would You Like Some Money From Us?

Do You Need a Little Cash?

Everyone could use a little more cash, right?  Well, could you use a little cash for Christmas?  Oh no...did we just say Christmas?  Yes, we did.  Christmas is almost three months away.  With Christmas comes shopping, Black Friday, and so on...

Most people don't budget for Christmas, they just get their high-interest credit cards out and shop away!  Well, if we could sweeten your pockets and gave you a little money, would you be interested?

Well, we are looking for some rockstars!  We are looking for some people who love social media, maybe own a blog, or even just have a lot of cool people you have out with who might love some coffee, mugs, t-shirts etc., so we're launching an affiliate marketing program.

Now, this isn't some crazy MLM (multi-level marketing program) and we aren't going to try to sell you some crazy wrap thing.  Instead, we're going ask you to share a custom link, some images, or whatever you'd like to do (as long as you use the custome affiliate link), and earn 15% off every sale it generates.

Plus, one random affiliate per month will get double commission.  Yes, one person per month could score 30% commissions.  Now, if you get that one person who wants one of our high-end espresso machines for $7,400 and you happen to be that random person, yup... that's over $2,000 in commissions potentially!  So are there any catches.  Nope.  Just a couple simple things.

  • Use the links provided.
  • No caps.  NO minimums.
  • Payout once every 30 days via PayPal; or if you want a check, once every 45 days.
  • 15% commission
  • One random affiliate gets double commissions each month.
  • We'll provide a custom link for you.  Plus, banners too!

So if you're ready to make some money, just sign up!

Bradley Trede
Owner, The Fugly Mug Company

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