A Good Cleaning Has Started...

A Good Cleaning Will Cure the Soul...

Bradley Trede
Owner, The Fugly Mug Company

We're almost a little over a month after the Christmas holiday, but we like to think one of our favorite Christmas movie, A Christmas Story.  I'm sure you all remember the scene that sweet little boy Ralphie.  In fact, what about that one awesome scene where he is standing there with a bar of soap in his mouth because he said a bad word. 

Then as he sputters out that Schwartz was the one who said it, we hear how the punishment of soap was much better than what happened to Schwartz. 

So over the course of the past couple weeks, we have been running through all of our products and realized that there were a couple products that were pretty inappropriate.  While we aren't going to be a Miss Prim, we have decided to remove a handful of mugs and t-shirts that just shouldn't be in there.  Another good reason is that I don't want to explain the meaning to some of my kids. 

We've changed the categories for our Rated G and Rated PG mugs and have completely removed the Rated R mugs; but for the next couple weeks, if you search for "Rated R"; you still may come across a couple.  We've added new categories to replace the G and PG:

    • Mom Approved - These mugs will be clean in nature and may have just enough humor to make mom want to give you a warning.  Remember, generally mom is more Miss Prim than dad is.
    • Dad Approved - These mugs will push the boundaries a little more.  They will have some sick crude jokes, maybe some expletives, and just something that dad isn't afraid to hear.  He might find them funny, but will probably suggest you don't give them to mom or you might become a Ralphie...

When it comes to T-Shirts, we are a little more lax.  You be the judge of whether or not you want to show attention to yourself or not.  We'll just suggest that you think about whether you'd wear it to the office or to Church.  If you minister or pastor has a good sense of humor, well, that's cool.

Over the course of the next couple months, we'll be adding a ton of new mugs and t-shirts, so check back often.  You never know when you'll find a gift that will make you happy!

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