Sasquatch Spotting

Spot Sasquatch and Get a Mug

Bradley Trede
Owner, The Fugly Mug Company

The Fugly Mug Company is based out of Parker, CO and for some reason, there has been some of the locals concerned about seeing things that just do not make sense.   We're not talking about dogs and cats being friends, turkeys flying, and skunks waiting for cars to pass...

We're talking about walking down the Cherry Creek paths and finding 9X flannel shirts, ripped on the arms...pounds of lose hair on the toilet seat at the Pinery Park, just outside of Parker...

However, the stangest thing is these huge footprints in the dirt near the Rueter-Hess Reservoir.  Could it be?  Could it be that Parker, Colorado has been visisted by Sasquatch?  Bigfoot to some?  Oh. We really want to know!  So we've decided to embark our on a journey and asking for your help! 

If you spot Sasquatch, Bigfoot or whatever you call it....and snap a picture, instagram it, and use the hashtags #FuglyMugCompany and #Sasquatch, we'll take the best snapshot and enter it into a drawing to win a coffee mug per year!  If you find him in Parker, hashtag #ParkerCO

In the meantime, be sure to grab this great Parker, Colorado Souvenir Enamel Mug and T-Shirt, and for every sale, we'll donate 10% to the Parker, Colorado Senior Center.

Now so everyone knows the rules:
  1. This sweepstakes doesn't require a purchase, only a camera, an Instagram account, and two hashtags.
  2. Sasquatch doesn't have to be in Parker.
  3. We are not partnering up with Instagram.  This is a sweepstakes only be offered by The Fugly Mug Company. Winner will be randomly chosen.
  4. Must use hashtags #FuglyMugCompany and #Sasquatch at minimum, optional #ParkerCO
  5. Must be 18 to enter, unless submitted by a parent.
  6. Void where prohibited by law.
  7. Winner gets a promo code for a $15 voucher, 1 per month for 12 months.
  8. Winner allows The Fugly Mug Company, LLC and its advertising partners to use the photo in marketing or other promotional means.
  9. Sweepstakes only valid through 10/31/2019.
  10. Winner will be notified by Instagram messaging and must provide email address, Name, Address, and Phone number to receive codes for vouchers.
  11. Value of contest 1/100th of a penny and non-transferrable.
  12. Valid in USA only.

All questions can be sent via contact form on website.

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