November has arrived and the holidays are in sight!

Can you believe it’s already November and there is less than 60 days until Christmas?  We are also approaching our 2nd year anniversary and are so blessed at all the amazing things we have been able to accomplish.  Best of all, we are enjoying all of our customers.

We love the pictures you send us with your mugs and t-shirts.  We love the feedback, product sourcing requests, and mug suggestions.  It’s been a miraculous two years!

As we gear up for another busy holiday shopping season, we are looking forward to helping all of you put smiles on those faces from giving a gift.  One thing that really disturbs us is how Black Friday used to be Black Friday, but for Thanksgiving, several of the big brands continue to make the Black Friday sale start earlier.  What happened to truly having Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving, enjoying great food, companionship of friends and family and waiting until Friday to go shopping.

Rest assured, we will not be starting our Black Friday on Thursday.  We understand the meaning of the First Thanksgiving, and the happiness and blessings received for staying true to the roots.  Yet...for the days after..we will be offering some stellar sales, deals, doorbusters, and awesome discounts!

However, you’ll have to wait until Friday, November 23rd to find out what those sales are, unless you are subscribed to our email list.  Those who are will find out on November 16th, our anniversary date of The Fugly Mug Company.

We have gone a long way since day one.  While being based out of Parker, CO, we have grown to 8 additional shipping locations:
  • Michigan
  • South Dakota
  • California
  • New York
  • Florida
  • China
  • United Kingdom
  • Lithuania

This means if one location is out of merchandise, we can easily ship it from another location.  The best part is that if it’s not available in the US and we ship from China or Europe...You don’t pay the international shipping cost.  We eat the additional cost.











With that said, we know that sometimes products may need to be shipped from abroad, so for this Christmas holiday season, our cutoff is Monday, December 3, 2018.  Any shipment placed after that date is not guaranteed to arrive before Christmas. We will do our best, but to keep our prices and shipping affordable, we will have this cutoff.

The Fugly Mug Company Gift Card

What we recommend is if you are looking for the perfect gift after December 3rd and cannot find it, get them a gift certificate from The Fugly Mug Company.  They are available in multiple denominations. Simply purchase a gift card online and you will be emailed a link in which you can print or email it to your gift recipient.

Last, we are offering a new product, called 12 Months of Mugs.  For $129 you get a new mug once a month for 12 months and this includes shipping, and your choice of a Rated G, PG, or R (Not safe for mom) Coffee Mug.  Normally, $249 for the year, this is a $120 savings!  More details to come!

In addition, continue to see new mugs being added, and new coffee.

Last, we want to mention a product that we have linked to an external website.  This product is called Keto Coffee™. This is a product made my a sales organization called It Works (They are famous for their body wraps).  While some may love their body wraps and skin care, they have some additional phenomenal products for diet and nutrition. This product features:

  • Contains fatty acids from Grass-Fed Butter and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)
  • Builds and restores vital proteins through essential amino acids and collagen peptides†
  • Boosts and sustains your energy output to burn more fat†
  • Sharpens mental focus and enhances mood†
  • Kills cravings and satisfies hunger†
  • Fuels your body and brain through increased ketone production†
  • Supports the results of your low-carb, ketogenic diet†

While we generally will not link to other websites and their products, this is the one exception.  We recommend that if you’re looking for a great instant product that isn’t gritty like those other brands, this is the one to check out.  Click here for more information (opening this link will open a new tab or page).

It Works Keto Coffee

We thank you for your support of this small family business, and as you start your holiday shopping, let us know if there is anything we can do to help you!  Have a great November!


President, The Fugly Mug Company

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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