New Year Mean New Products!

New Year Means New Products

Bradley Trede
Owner, The Fugly Mug Company and successful business entrepreneur .

So we get to nearly Christmas and shortly after, New Years follows along.  Then our common foe comes along - the list of resolutions.  We start seeing one diet ad after another and before long we start letting external thoughts clout our judgment and start wondering if we should start shifting our energy from how are we going to waste away New Years Day celebrations.

From a spiritual stance, we have to feel the weight of the angel and the devil on our shoulders.

According to WalletHub, 92% of people generally fail at their New Years resolutions, most by January 12th.  The experts suggest that we should make our resolutions in little baby steps and make the resolution easy to get to.

Well, we here at Fugly Mug Company are not out to make resolutions to fail at, instead we're constantly making our resolutions into actionable goals.  Our 2019 goal is to simple provide the best selection of coffee mugs, funny t-shirts, and the most unique gifts. 

2018 was a great start, but we are confident that by the end of 2019, we'll have a selection like no other site.  So what can you expect from The Fugly Mug Company for 2019?

For starters, we've partnered up with some premier companies to really focus on provide the best selection of coffee mugs.  In 2019, we're going to be adding some mugs from Big Mouth, Fly Paper Products, and some other providers of fun mugs.  We're also going to be running some mugs from artisans too, those special amazing people who make mugs for fun and want to get them out. 

Something you will also notice is we are only selling our mugs on our website and social media.  We're not about to sell on some of those super big marketplaces.  We are all about providing a quality product that's produced in smaller quantities, or even made to order.  We source only mugs with the highest quality, and in the case we come across a mug in lesser quality, we play baseball!

Coffee. Hot Chocolate.  Tea.  These are the beverages that most people fill in their mugs.  We have added a couple awesome coffee line and working to add some awesome hot chocolate and tea.  Our Fugly Coffee are single origin based.  So many times, coffee growers simply take mass produced beans from multiple locations and manufacture, prepare, package together.

What we do is utilize single source, single origin locations, where coffee has been produced for decades. Some of these locations have farmed coffee for nearly 100+ years and still use the real old world methods of picking the coffee cherries by hand, to maximize the best quality. Our beans are sourced from over 15 global locations and we do not blend with other bean varieties. When you purchase from The Fugly Mug Company, we select the highest quality beans.

One of the most successful diets some of us here and engaged in has been the Keto diet and really, it turns into living a Keto lifestyle.  It's extremely difficult to find coffee that's effective for a true keto diet.  With that said, I've teamed up with a company that makes a phenomenal Keto coffee.  We don't sell this product on our website, but will link to a site where we can offer this product at a great price. This company, It Works, is a company that provides a suite of health and lifestyle products.  Some of you may even know them from "That Crazy Wrap thing".  Granted, we don't wrap, but we love this Keto coffee and recommend you give them a try.

So as you head out into 2019, we are planning to launch some additional products.  We want your shopping experience to be amazing!  If there is anything we could ever do to enhance your experience, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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