Help End Childhood Cancer with The Fugly Mug Company & St. Baldrick's Foundation

Last year in 2017 I participated in this local event featuring our local town’s Mayor called Shave The Mayor. This is an annual  charity event that the Mayor of Parker, Colorado hosts to help generate money for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps funding for youth cancer research. This excellent Foundation also provides grants for other services and really comes back to the local community.

As owner of this small family business, The Fugly Mug Company,  we plan on offering a means for collecting charitable donations through our website in the coming days. While I personally do not have a direct family connection or knowledge of a family member who has or had childhood cancer, I have friends that have dealt with this and it’s a very tough situation to deal with.  I’ve also dealt with growing up as a child losing my mother to cancer, so finding a cure for cancer is very key.

I know there are a ton of nonprofits out there that specialize in special niches, but knowing the pain that people go through with Cancer, this is a nonprofit that I really think is great.  I have seen the funding that not only goes to nationwide research activities, but through grants have seen the local impact it plays back to the community.  

I am very conscientious about which charities I donate to and this charity is one of those that I consider a top charity to do so.  So many of the larger donation organizations, you never know where your funds go, but St. Baldrick’s is a very transparent organization.

On April 28th this year, I will be shaving my head in this event.  I am looking for people who want to support a great cause and help me reach my goal.  My goal is just $1,000, but would love to beat that goal.  If you are interested in helping me support this wonderful organization, the link is for my profile.

In the coming days, we here at The Fugly Mug Company will be implementing an option to donate at time of order as well.  We love helping children, our community, and those in need, and thank each of you that want to jump onto our bandwagon with this awesome organization and do the same.



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