9 Amazing Father's Day Gifts From The Fugly Mug Company

With Mother’s Day come and gone, we know Father’s Day will be here before you know it.  We also know that finding the perfect gift for dad can be challenging, depending on what dad likes to do in his spare time.  As a father who runs this business, I am appreciative for anything that is given or not.

We’ve come up with a list of 9 great items from The Fugly Mug Company that we think the dad in your life will like!  We may sell a plethora of coffee mugs, but we have some other Fugly gifts that will fit in!  Let’s get started!

Fugly Mug Company 9 Gifts For Father's Day

#9 Dad’s Diet Plate – If you really want to make the old man’s heart feel good, all you have to do is cook for him or buy him some food.  The problem is in this world, everyone wants to eat healthy.  However, dad loves more carbs than veggies.  He is a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  We wanted to illustrate that with this awesome plate.  Fill up on the carbs first and east a small slice of veggies.  We’re sure this will keep dad entertained!

#8 360 Degree Windshield Mount for Dad’s Smart Phone – While we think this item is great for every Uber or Lyft driver, this is a great item to keep dad around.  Keep him safe in his vehicle with this wonderful mount.  The device suctions onto the windshield and has 360 degree total coverage.  Great for a smart phone, iPad mini, or the GPS.  We’ve even found this great for the Garmin Golf toys too.  Stick it on the golf cart and you’re good to go!

#7 USA Flag Bed in a Box – Dad is the true American Patriot.  He loves his country.  Get him this wonderful bed in a box which comes with a duvet and two pillow shams.  Now this style we have has a grunge look which may confuse the hell out of mom who keeps assuming it’s dirty, but that’s just the look.  If she wants to wash it, tell her to get the black light out and check it for dirt.

#6 Beer Mugs – We have linked our whole beer stein collection.  Chances are dad loves a good beer!  Any of these beer steins will be great.  If dad loves off-roading, check out this roady stein.  If he loves Colorado, we have a wonderful one for him too!  No matter what he likes, he’ll love these steins.  Most of them come with a gold plated edge.  Just make sure dad doesn’t put them in the microwave or he may see sparks! 

#5 Fugly Coffee – As we just launched our new coffee line, we have a ton of different roasts, grinds, and packaging options.  If dad is one of those who thrives for the K-Cup, we have him covered too.  Personally, we love the Costa Rica Single-Origin, but the Colombian is always a great choice too!  This coffee ships out of our Midwest warehouse, so shipping tends to be pretty fast!

#4 DILF Mug – Now before you think we’ve jumped off the deep end and went to the gutter, think again.  This mug doesn’t mean what you think, but rather perfect for the dad who is a fisherman!  Damn I Love Fishing too, but we just seem to always be here at work.  Now if you get this mug for dad, it will definitely put an “Oh No!” on mom’s face when she sees it and then she’ll get a good laugh!

#3 World Continent Watches – Dad loves his world history, heck loves to travel. This is the perfect watch to him, featuring multiple continents.  These mugs are made with genuine leather, have a copper and steel case, and best of all – they are waterproof to 100 ft (30m).  Plus, you’ll know he’ll love this gift because you’ll know by how often he wears it!

#2 Universal Power Plug Adapters – To go along with #3, as you may or may not know, some countries don’t have the same electric outlets that we cherish here in the US, so this gift will be great for dad if he’s the world traveler!  This awesome adapter comes with the ability to adapt to US, UK, AU, and EU.  We love this item. Plus, compared to other eCommerce retailers, we have a great price! 

#1 Light Saber Magic Mug – So are you the huge ‘Wars buff?  Need a great gift and an awesome mug.  Simply add a hot beverage of your choice and as the temperature of the mug increases, the light sabers on the mug will light up!  How cool is that?  We think dad will love this mug!

No matter what you find dad for Father’s Day, just be sure to let him know how much you appreciate him in your life.  If it wasn’t for dad, you wouldn’t probably be who you are.  Happy shopping!  Oh and by the way, enter FATHER at checkout and we’ll let you save 20% off your order.  

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